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September 30, 2022
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NetGear mobile app is the free computer software. That gives you an easy dashboard to control monitor and repair your home network. When your network connection is not working. It can be frustrating to find the cause NetGear genie Software automatically diagnoses and fixes many common Network issues. It visually guides you through simple steps to repair connections and adjust settings. Such as router configurations as you add devices to your network. The Wi-Fi connection assistant walks you through connecting up new products to your wireless network. When used with some NetGear routers.

About NetGear Mobile APP

It’s now much easier to configure and control the settings on your network. Guest networks live parental control features and security settings are easily adjusted. You can even view a map of all the devices that are connected to your home network. To make sure everything is online that you want and eliminate ones. You don’t net gears Genie mobile app on your iPad, iPhone and Android Smartphone. Gives you amazing control over your network and media from the palm of your hand adjust. You’re networking settings with a finger tap. Even view an entire map of your network great for identifying unwanted users.

You can also block their devices from your network. Best of all is my media function on the genie mobile app. Genie running on your Smartphone or tablet can now act as a remote control for all your media in the home. You decide which media source to choose from and where to play simply pair your DLNA media player. Like your Smart TV with a media server in your network. Then click the file to play you can also watch media on your phone or tablet from any DLNA server. On your network or even play your phone’s media on other DLNA player devices. The NetGear Genie software is free download.

Manage WIFI Network in NetGear APP

The NetGear Mobile app enables users to easily connect and control their home network from a Smartphone or tablet with NetGear genie app. You can also modify network settings diagnose and repair network issues monitor devices connected on your network. Set up parental controls and more to begin download the network genie app from this site on your device’s. Operating system that you’ve downloaded the genie app. Let’s launch it to begin the initial screen will enable you to either sign in or create a new account.

If you currently have a NetGear single sign-in account you can also skip that portion of the video to create a new account. Select the tab and then enter your name email and password and agree to the terms. Click Next to receive e-mail verification for your account. Now open up your email browser to verify your email. Then let’s sign into your account login. After that enter your email address and password you can also register under. Your NetGear account and sign-in reminder that this is not the password for your network. However next you’ll enter the network password indicated on your net gear router. If you have changed the password you can enter that now.

You will be taken to the main dashboard where you can access different Jeannie app features. Let’s go through the features Wi-Fi enables you to view and edit your network settings guest Wi-Fi. You can create a guest Network for your visitors view and edit settings the network map. View all the devices connected to your router network parental control. You can set policies to keep your kids safe on the Internet traffic meter monitor. Your network usage by day by week and by month my media you can use my media feature on the genie app, to play media stored on computer and Wi-Fi devices. That is connected to your net gear routers Network ready share when you’re locally connected to your router.

More About Manage WIFI Network in NetGear APP

If at least two computers or devices are connected to your network you can use the network map to copy files from one device to another. QR scanner the genie app can generate a QR code of your routers. Wi-Fi network and gas access to use the QR scanner on your phone or tablet. Camera remote access this allows you to use the genie app to remotely manage your router. You have to enable the feature using the toggle presented on the page. Finally the reboot router this will enable you to reboot your router. Let’s take a look at the network card swipe the card up. You’ll see different networks presented while you swipe through different brands.

You can see the list of devices connected to your network. If you choose to log out of the app click log out on the network card. Once you log out the dashboard features are limited to my media turbo transfer and QR scanner move up to the right corner. Where you’ll see a downward facing arrow after selecting the arrow, you’ll be able to select a different router for local or remote access. Finally let’s check out the menu located on the top-left corner. You’ll be able to change your password contact, support and learn more about the app and router and sign out of your session. we hope that you enjoy the new NetGear.

How to Download and Install NetGear Mobile APP?

The process of downloading and installing of NetGear Mobile APP is very simple and easy. If you follow the below steps then you can easily download and install the application. The steps are as followed below:

  • First click the Download link button.
  • It redirect to the download page.
  • From there you can easily download the app.
  • Sure that your device allow the third party apps.
  • After downloading, go to the setting and search for security and check unknown sources.
  • Open the app and enjoy.


What is NetGear Mobile APP?

NetGear Mobile APP is an application which managing the mobile router or mobile hotspot from NetGear.

Can we uninstall the application from smartphone?

Yes, you can uninstall the application from smartphone. Anytime, you can uninstall the application.

What type of network NetGear is?

The network of NetGear is 4G, 5G LTE.

Is NetGear WIFI free?

The basic service plan is free.

Is NetGear is safe?

Yes, NetGear is safe to use.

Final Words

This is all about the NetGear mobile app. I hope this review fulfilled your all needs. If you face any problem to download the app then tell your problem in comment section. We will solve the problem at right time. You can also download more popular apps from site. Download and enjoy.


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